Reflect + Practice

We believe how we work together, communicate, and organize ourselves is part of the change we want to see in the world too.

This ‘how’ includes: placing equal value on all staff contributions within an organization, transparency, distributing leadership, letting new ideas and actions emerge, allowing for mind-body-spirit integration, and more.  We are weaving together a network of people and supporting the network through systems to learn, communicate, develop, set strategy, govern, and administer our collective actions.

We invite anyone to share what you are practicing and learning, individually, in your community, or in your organization.

What we’re learning about transformation

Participants in Resonance Network have learned together some things about transformation. To transform something is to change it so completely that going back to what it was before becomes impossible.  Transforming the culture of violence into a culture that supports us all to thrive, will likely take millions consciously working to transform ourselves individually at the same time as we work to transform families, communities, and society overall.  

So many of us have experienced and lived for generations with the harm and consequences from violent systems. The root causes of violence — domination, superiority, and abuses of power — are not just in some “bad people” or “bad organizations”;  they are in everything. They influence how our systems are set up, how we plan a meeting, or talk to people over text messages. The roots of violence keep us disconnected from our full humanity and from each other. Disconnection, is fertile ground for all types of violence: gender-based violence, intimate partner violence, state violence, child abuse, sexual assault, racism, xenophobia and more.

Transforming violence also means transforming who governs and how we govern. When we are not involved in the decision-making process, and decisions are made about us instead of with us, the results are harmful.  But there is new momentum towards more representative, participatory governance. It’s part of the emerging collective vision for the world we deserve, and we want to amplify that momentum.

Finally, we are guided by a series of overarching questions: What are we for?  What does a world, nation, community, family that is interdependent and thriving look like?  What is the world we aspire to co-create? Where is this already happening? How can we practice and learn together into that world?


How we work together, communicate, and organize ourselves is part of the change we want to see in the world too.

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