Creating a world where we all get to thrive requires vision and a compelling story. We believe that if we can see it, then we can be it.

Stories tell us who we are. They connect us to past generations, they orient us to our present and provide a roadmap to where we hope the next generations will lead this world.

Art, stories, and cultural practices remind us of our sacred responsibility to imagine and strategize toward big, transformational change.

Yet, as important as stories are to our connection to each other, and to our vision for the world, it can be challenging to find the time and community to practice art and storytelling.

If we strengthen our storytelling practice, then we can embody our stories in a way that connects us to past and future generations through a shared, evolving vision for our world.

  • WHY: to practice storytelling that lifts up an expansive and compelling vision of the world we deserve and are co-creating now
  • WHO: you want to learn and experience what becomes possible when we practice storytelling in community
  • WHAT: a lightly facilitated 5-session virtual practice community where we dive into practicing storytelling together
  • WHEN – Option 1: Afternoon Practice is 90 minutes on Fridays 12pm pacific // 3pm eastern
    May 10 – June 7.  Sign up by May 10 – REGISTRATION CLOSED
  • WHEN – Option 2: Evening Practice is 90 minutes on Thursdays, 5pm pacific // 8pm eastern June 27 – August 1st. Sign up by June 27.