Radical Power

For generations, our communities have survived in spite of the greed, power, violence, and materialism that define United States culture. And now, we’re seeing signs that a sea change is underway.

More and more people are turning toward connection, thriving, and love as the guideposts for our future. The call for collective action is strong and loud; we hear and see it on a daily basis.

Resonance is seizing the opportunity to rally around a collective vision and influence policies, organizing, and narratives to shift from fighting for small changes to the status quo to building what we love.

We’re sparking conversation about what it will take to build the world we want. People all around us — policy-makers, community organizers, teachers, artists, athletes, celebrities, and culture-shapers — are asking:

  • What do we truly value?

  • How must we behave differently to move through the current crisis that faces our planet?

  • What would it look like for all humanity to thrive together?

We’re setting out to understand the degree to which leaders and communities are ready and willing to act on values rooted in interdependence and love.  We will initiate, partner, and join in community activities, direct action, and political mobilization — all geared toward building radical power and real democracy to create the world we want.