"May your hands be an extension of your heart and may you do the work of love with them."
-Aja Monet



Collective Action

The most important ingredient of a network is that it is self-organized. Through self-organization, people experiment in ways that help them better understand the system they are shifting. This means that the primary purpose of network leadership is to help many others initiate experiments and action. This builds lots of new leadership as many different people start projects.

– June Holley

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Within each of us, we have a vision of a different world. This vision is rooted in interdependence, and it’s a way of seeing the world where no one gets left behind. It’s a vision of what we’re for, not just what we’re against.

What if we could get in formation, and co-create the world we want to live in right now? What if it’s already happening? This is your invitation to participate. Scroll down for more info and to see what's happening.

Now is the time to call in and call on community. Strong communities are how people care for each other, solve problems, and resolve conflicts. It’s supporting one another through community that is our pathway to thriving.  Together, we’re going to have to create what we need to survive and thrive, and the truth is, we always have. What kind of community do we need now and into the future? How might we turn to building the community we need to take care of ourselves?

Our relationships matter — building and nurturing them is worth our time and care.  By paying special attention to what it means to seed a different way of living and being with each other, we root our vision for the future in a web of mutual relationships.