About Resonance Network

We want to live in a world where violence isn’t the norm, and we believe this world is possible. While we don’t know exactly what this will take, we do know that the same forces that empower us to show up as our best selves in our relationships and communities also make it hard for violence to persist.

Resonance Network exists for folks that want to figure this new world out; to experiment, learn and move together towards a world where violence is not an expected and inevitable part of our lives. Our purpose is to reimagine and practice what is possible and necessary to transform society from a culture of violence to one of interdependent worthiness and thriving.

What is transformation? Read more about what we’re learning together here.

Our purpose is to reimagine and practice what is possible and necessary to transform society from a culture of violence to one of interdependent worthiness and thriving.

Resonance Network seeks to:

  • Create generative conditions and connect powerful communities that are thriving, just, and accountable.
  • Center the power of people and communities who are disproportionately impacted by systems of oppression, invisibility, and erasure.
  • Interrupt the root causes, conditions, and institutions of violence that deeply impact girls, women, and gender oppressed people.

Based on learnings from Resonance Network seed activities between 2013-2017 and analysis of the current landscape, we carry out our work in the following ways:

Imagining the World We Want
Through storytelling and art, we are co-creating a vision for the world we want and lifting up the communities that are currently living into it.

Self Organizing
We connect people who are engaging collaboratively, taking individual and collective action, and sharing what they’ve learned through:

  • Self organized experimentation to explore ways of living into a world where violence is not inevitable.
  • Local, regional, and national movements and communities that are living into the new worldview and growing beloved community.
  • Moving from healing to thriving as foundational to sustainability, power, and wholeness.

Collective Action
Through mass mobilization, we are catalyzing local and national actions to change socio-cultural norms, influence governance systems and reimagine policies in alignment with the emerging worldview.

Practice and Learn
We believe how we work together, communicate, and organize ourselves is part of the change we want to see in the world too. We are weaving together a network of people and supporting the network through infrastructure and systems to learn, communicate, set strategy, and govern our collective actions.

Resonance Network participants are movement-builders, network-weavers, students, organizers, teachers, storytellers, engineers, healers, advocates, artists, and all those who are committed to working toward the thriving of future generations. Together, we interrupt the roots and conditions of violence that deeply impact girls, women, and gender-oppressed people. We center the power of people and communities who are disproportionately impacted by systems of oppression, invisibility, and erasure. Originally born out of a shared experience of NoVo Foundation’s Move to End Violence program, Resonance Network was initiated as a movement-building vehicle to grow broader, deeper commitment and collective action to ending violence against women and girls.

Resonance Network is staffed by a virtual team that also functions as a distributed network.

Alexis M. Flanagan - Co-Director

Alexis is a queer Black feminist DC girl whose heart pumps to the beat of "the Pocket" that holds down DC go-go music and culture. She is a cultural worker, writer, artist, healer, and organizer working at the intersection of art and activism in the DC Metropolitan Area.  Alexis has led programs and organizations working to end sexual and intimate partner violence for more than a decade, most recently serving 5 years as the Assistant Director of HopeWorks, a comprehensive sexual assault and domestic violence program in Columbia, MD. Now, Alexis dedicates herself to deepening practice and embodiment of liberation and transformation within communities she loves. Alexis was a Movement Maker in NoVo Foundation's Move to End Violence Program and is enjoying her current evolution as the bass line of the jazz ensemble that is the Resonance Network staff team.

Aimee M. Thompson - Co-Director

Aimee brings a passion for network organizing, participatory research, storytelling, and collaborative learning. Prior to her role with Resonance Network, Aimee was the founder/executive director of Close to Home, where she pioneered mobilization strategies to foster community-wide responsibility to prevent domestic and sexual violence in Boston, which is currently being replicated in California.

Aimee was a Movement Maker in NoVo Foundation’s Move to End Violence Program, and has been recognized by Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, the Social Innovation Forum, and Facing History and Ourselves. Prior to Close to Home, Aimee managed the development of coordinated community responses to domestic violence in seven cities in Russia, Ukraine, and the Republic of Georgia, and has since provided trainings in the United States, Europe, and Africa.

Aimee’s commitment to community-driven approaches began when she was a community health worker seeking to improve access to health care, prevent youth violence, promote racial justice, and increase neighborhood civic participation through grassroots organizing.

Doris Dupuy - Operations Director

Doris is a Haitian born, Brooklyn raised, DC resident who has devoted the past 14 years to early childhood, homelessness and teacher education issues. As the newest member of Resonance Network, Doris is supporting the finance and administration function, and hopes to use her past and current experiences as a Black Haitian Woman in America to inform her increasing need to be a part of the growth all her communities deserve.

Adiel Suarez-Murias - Communications Director

Adiel (she/her/ella) is a queer, Cuban communications brujx from South Florida who is committed to using her powers in service of social justice, liberation, and human rights.  She brings to her work a guiding belief in the role of strategic communications and storytelling for good, and a background in rhetoric and comms theory.  Adiel is a strategist, writer, editor, and wordsmith-at-large, leading Resonance Network’s communications.She has supported a range of networks, organizations, and individuals to find their voice, speak their values, and kindle transformation. She often sees her role as fire tender: keeping dialogues around communications alive within movements—as culture, context, and current events evolve.  Adiel resides in Washington, D.C. with her partner and pit bull.

Nan Stoops - Field Liasion

Nan Stoops has worked in the anti-violence movement as an advocate, trainer, and organizer for more than 40 years. Currently, she is the Strategic Advisor of the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WSCADV), where she served as the Executive Director for 17 years. WSCADV is a non-profit organization that works on behalf of nearly 70 community-based domestic violence advocacy agencies to create a world where all people can live and love freely without fear.

Before joining WSCADV in 1998, Nan was the Associate Director of the Faith Trust Institute, a national organization that mobilizes religious leaders and communities to address sexual and domestic violence. She was also a founding member of INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, is a past board chair of the National Network to End Domestic Violence, and has served on numerous boards and advisory groups.

Nan was a Movement Maker in NoVo Foundation’s Move to End Violence program, and received the Seattle Girls’ School Grace Hopper Award recognizing professional Northwest women who create pathways and encourage women and girls to become leaders in their communities.