June Newsletter: Community is a choice

In May we shared with you three practices areas in which we were going to deepen our investment: embodied storytelling, community building and building radical power. For the past 7 weeks we’ve hosted a Y(our) Stories practice community and a Community in Focus call series, both collectively engaging 70 folks in our network, over half of whom are relatively new to Resonance. It’s been exciting to have more folks engaging in practice with each other and to see how our network is growing.

We’ve also been surveying public leaders to gauge their stance on values that were named during Workshopping the Worldview such as generating powerful communities that are thriving, just and accountable, centering the power of people and communities who are disproportionately impacted by systems of oppression, visibility, and erasure, and more.

So a lot has been going on, which is exciting! And out of this increased activity in the network, a few process tools have been developed and shared. One example is the Community Tree developed by network participant Sarah Curtiss from Men as Peacemakers. We used this tool to explore aspects of our community building work, including areas to celebrate and deepen as well as those that might need more care and attention. You can download the tool here.

Another tool is from network participant Beckie Masaki. Beckie uses this tool in her Story Circle practice and so kindly shared it with the network. The tool can help ground a conversation for a community that is experiencing a period of renewal and rededication. You can download the tool here.

Finally, there were some profound insights about community that were shared with us on the Community in Focus calls. Here are just a couple:

“It is within people’s relationships that the divine is able to do its magic.”

“Community is a choice. Choosing my people feels empowering to me.”

Thank you to all the folks have have engaged and contributed to the past several weeks of community building and storytelling practices. Cycle 2 of the (Y)our stories practice begins tonight. Over 30 people have signed up and we are thrilled to have two parallel practice circles moving this forward.  We are still putting together a photo gallery of community builders! Please share a selfie and a few sentences of what community means is to you to community@resonance-network.org.If you have your own idea for a practice that you’d like to catalyze or share with the network, let us know! We welcome folks to make their own invitation to the network to join them in practice. Feel free to make that invite via the resonance listserv.

Finally, we are excited to announce we are co-hosting a webinar with PreventConnect on Thursday, July 11th to share information about our work and opportunities for folks to connect with us and to catalyze collective action. We hope you will join!

Creating a world without violence requires leaders, communities, and institutions to act on values rooted in interdependence and love. Join this first session of a new web conference series from Resonance Network, a community of practice committed to transformative movement making to end violence, and PreventConnect. Learn about our values, purpose and ongoing work, including the Innovation Lab. Guests will explore how they have been energized through connections with the Resonance Network to activate creativity through storytelling and art, engage in healing justice work, and shift state coalitions to an emerging worldview.

Thursday, July 11th, 2019 11-12:30pm pacific // 2-3:30pm eastern


David S. Lee, PreventConnect and CALCASA
Alexis Flanagan, Resonance Network
  • Describe the Resonance Network and the impact of storytelling and art on creating thriving, just, and accountable communities
  • Identify examples of intersectional organizing that interrupts root causes, conditions, and institutions of violence
  • Discuss opportunities for connection and collective action


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