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How do we see and interpret the world? • What and whom do we center? • What do we renew, plant, cultivate, and grow? • Who and how will we be?


Many of us have been in conversation — we as Resonance Network, but also reverberating across many other overlapping communities, networks, and gatherings — about the world we want to live in, the world that we all deserve. It’s a world that’s rooted in our shared humanity, where we deeply feel a sense of belonging and community, where we are interconnected and living in harmony with other peoples and the planet. It’s a world where our wishes for our children and grandchildren, and all those who will come after us, blossom and bear fruit.

We find ourselves in a time of transition. Our communities are bearing the brunt of an apparent upsurgence in the existing worldview that is centered in domination, supremacy, violence, and materialism, and that is being fueled by fear and greed. We are exploring how to hold the urgency of our anger and despair while also building toward a world rooted in love, asking what we can do and how we must be differently to meet the crisis and opportunity of this transition.

One of the gifts of sharp differences in views that happen at scale is that we can begin to see patterns. The dramatic differences that people have been feeling are not just about issues and candidates… the divide is about how people define and see and believe and act into what is ‘good’, what is ‘bad’, who ‘belongs’ and ‘doesn’t belong’, how things should ‘work’, what is ‘important’, what has ‘value’ and on and on. This is about different worldviews; it is fundamental, and crosses the spectrum of society.

If we have a critique about what’s happening in the world, do we have a clear picture of the world that we want to create and move toward? An entirely new way of being is required to live fruitfully in and into these times. Creating into solutions that have not yet been imagined takes time, and resetting the very basic ways of living. The art of the possible begins with knowing what it is we want to live into!

The world we want to create has yet to unfold, but the building blocks are already here with us. They have been passed to us from our ancestors, and we will pass them to our descendants. We are recovering old ways of being, while innovating how those ways will manifest in the world of the future. Across many places, cultures, and peoples, the emerging worldview is expressing itself, and thus we seek to amplify the stories of the people and places living into that worldview.

We invite you to join us in co-creating and experiencing this emerging worldview. Let us orient toward a common horizon.

Here we highlight a few expressions of worldviews that were generated by different people, in different places, at different times.

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How do we transition?

Artwork: Kristen Zimmerman for Idaho Community of Purpose

Community of purpose in Idaho

In November 2016, a gathering of community in Boise, Idaho joined together out of hunger for a new way of being, and a desire to create a new future and narrative for Idaho and beyond. The initial group of over 50 people delved into the question of who they wanted to be amidst deep division, and over the course of several months created the poetic vision of We Choose All of Us.

Each month, we came together and All of Us was welcome. We breathed and moved together. We sat in circle and shared the stories of our whole selves - the stories of our names, all our names; the stories of our people and their resilience. When hard truths were shared, we turned to wonder.


We choose all of us.

We are a people who choose
A world where everyone is valued
where everyone is safe
where everyone can thrive. 
A world where love is love and kindness is everything. 
Nothing less than this. 
Every day we choose love
and in this love everyone belongs to beloved
We are whole human beings, 
we believe in our collective humanity and our deep
connections to all living things, to air, water, fire, and
earth that sustain us. 
In our wholeness we are many branches of one family, 
one community, one people with many roots. 
We are those who no longer remain in physical form, 
and those who do not yet exist in body, 
the fallen trees and dried rivers, the dandelion seeds
who have yet to sprout. 
We will create the world we want to see and
move forward with courageous love and mutual
We are all part of this story. 
We believe in the power of what we speak and sing, 
in connection, in transformative conversations. 
We choose to tell the whole story, 
in all its pain, fear, and poison, 
healing the wounds that constrain our dreams. 
We believe listening will transform hearts and minds, 
cultures and systems. 
When believe when we imagine together, we can
achieve the unimaginable. 
Together, we can change everything. 
We commit to bringing forth a world rooted in
interdependence, resilience, and regeneration. 
We commit to weaving together our stories and our
We commit to finding our way back to our ancestors, 
ourselves, and each other; 
through kindness, 
through strength, 
through community, 
and through love. 
We will value and respect each other. 
We will see our interconnectedness and honor our
We will celebrate each other and listen deeply; hear
and be heard. 
When we are struggling, we will struggle together
to become a part of something bigger than ourselves. 
We will live into this new story of Idaho
With sacred responsibility, in silence, 
We look to the stars for lessons of interconnection, 
And abiding spirit. 
We believe in the wonder of what wholeness can look
like; the small glimmers of this place, first; and then
the soft voice, growing stronger and clearer, until this
world is fully realized. 
Our choices have power. 
We will be bold. 
We invite you in. 
We choose all of us. 


A Revolution of Values

Artwork: Claudia Lopez Move to End Violence


Move to End Violence (MEV), an operational program of the NoVo Foundation, supports “movement maker” leaders in the U.S. movement to end violence against girls and women to step back from their daily work to envision the change they want to see, imagine new strategies, and build the capacity needed to realize this change.

In February 2017, 44 Movement Makers from the MEV program came together for a week, along with 29 former and current faculty and staff, and 10 children and 10 caregivers for a movement gathering to build beloved community and generate alignment as they work together for liberation and an end to violence against girls and women. At the gathering, the movement makers explored strategies for collective action in the context of a new political landscape of mounting misogyny, racism, xenophobia, and violence.

Together they deepened and honed a collective, long-term worldview that names the values they share, in contrast to the values expressed in the current dominant worldview. Envisioning the world they wish to create — rather than just what must be dismantled — provided the opportunity to imagine the big leaps that will be necessary in the evolution of a transformative path forward.


Finding our wings to take flight

Artwork: Kristen Zimmerman with Weyam Ghadbian for Liquefy



Since 2015, leaders of national organizations and state coalitions against domestic and sexual violence have been coming together to explore how the U.S. anti-violence movement, and the state coalitions in particular, can come together collectively around a shared purpose of changing societal values that perpetuate gender violence, cultivating environments whereby people thrive through systems that are free from oppression, generating conditions in which every girl can reach her full potential, and creating a world with freedom, justice, dignity, and peace for all.

In May 2017, they explored a 100-year arc of transformation and what it means for the U.S. movement to end violence against women and girls. This vision explores questions of what a world in which gender-based violence is not a given could look like, and what would be necessary to enable that transformation, including what individual and group practices would need to be in place in our daily lives.


Artwork: Kristen Zimmerman for the Movement Strategy Center

Artwork: Kristen Zimmerman for the Movement Strategy Center

Artwork: Kristen Zimmerman and Weyam Ghadbian for Movement Strategy Center


Movement Strategy Center

Over the past few years, the Movement Strategy Center’s Transitions Community has been probing the fundamental question, “what will it take to transition from a world of domination and extraction to a world of regeneration, resilience, and interdependence?” Through transitions “labs,” members of this community have been generating visions for who we need to be, what it will take, and how we will get there.

The community took on the task of creating a 100-year arc of the transition into this new world, but also explored what milestones we will need to reach at the 50-, 25-, 12-, and 5-year points to get there — in other words, what are we already doing, and what do we need to start doing now to make our way through that 100-year arc?


What does it look like when we are all free?


“This viewing guide is intended to support you in using the concepts, imagery and principles of Black Panther to imagine and engage your communities in creating a blueprint for #FreedomCities, cities and communities in which communities of color, queer, trans, immigrants and Muslims are free and thriving.”

Artwork: Alitha Martinez in World of Wakanda by Roxane Gay, Ta-Nehisi Coates, & Alitha Martinez

Black Panther Viewing Guide

by Intelligent Mischief, Mobilize the Immigrant Vote, and the Movement Strategy Center

Upon the release of the wildly successful Black Panther movie, cultural strategists from Intelligent Mischief, Mobilize the Immigrant Vote, and Movement Strategy Center collaborated on a viewing and discussion guide focused on how Wakanda demonstrates the possibilities of a liberated world.

The Black Panther viewing guide points to arts, and popular culture in particular, as a means by which we can envision ourselves in the story of a different future. As the authors of the guide put it, "Seeing Wakanda brought to life on the screen can help our communities to see and then further imagine what our own communities might look like when we are free.”


The purpose of Resonance Network is to reimagine and practice what is possible and necessary to transform society from a culture of violence to one of interdependent worthiness and thriving.

Resonance Network centers the power of people and communities who are disproportionately impacted by systems of oppression, invisibility, and erasure. We interrupt the roots, institutions, and conditions of violence that deeply impact girls, women, and gender oppressed people, and we create new generative conditions with powerful and liberated communities that are thriving, just, and accountable.

Together, we leverage the possibilities of our whole selves. We are movement-builders, network-weavers, students, organizers, teachers, storytellers, engineers, healers, advocates, artists, and all those who are committed to hope for and work toward the thriving of future generations.

As a network, we are engaging in strategies to enable a collective emerging worldview to flourish. Through our shared purpose, we are emboldened to practice new/renewed ways of being and doing, knowing that just “doing more” won’t make the deep shifts we need. We are generating purpose-aligned systems to support people to experiment collaboratively, take initiative in differentiated ways, and share learning.


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